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Why Magento eCommerce?

Magento gives users the best solution for e-commerce applications and is leading all competitors’ in the eCommerce solution industry. Magento has become the platform trusted by both e-commerce developers and businesses similarly.

In part, many businesses choose Magento as it is a very friendly platform and lets for simple and speedy set up. Both the front and back end of Magento sites are easily added to and easily customised hence it has become a popular choice for all.

Magento is a powerful and easy to use e-commerce solution that is perfect if you want to get your online store started. If you have just 10 products or a 1,000 products Magento eCommerce system can help you manage your online store easily and efficiently.


Benefits of Magento

  • Out-of-the-box Features : All the features that you ever need for an online store
  • Open Source : Free to download and customise as you see fit
  • Extensions : Create your own extensions
  • Admin Interface : More customer friendly interface with the power of having your own flexible solution
  • Regular Updates : Newer and better releases every few months
  • Clean URL's : Magento generates search engine friendly URL’s automatically
  • Marketing/Promotions : Easily generate marketing and promotions from within the Magento dashboard
  • Reporting : Includes a reporting suite to track your stores performance
  • Mobile Web : Create a mobile version of your web site


About Magento Professionals

Magento Team From Sydney

Magento Professionals is a Magento development team based in Sydney Australia. When you first contact us a Magento consultant will work with you on getting the best possible Magento solution to fit your business. The consultant will work with you and set up a plan in motion for your Magento site.

Magento Development

During the development stage you will have access to the Magento consultant plus the Magento developers who will be working on your site. We will develop the Magento site according to the specifications you requested.

You’re Magento Site

We will design a Magento store using the latest technology giving you a well working site that is both fully functioning  and pleasing on the eyes as well. Besides our development solutions we offer Magento Support, Magento SEO and many more Magento services that will aid your site in running smoothly.


Why Magento Professionals

Skills and Expertise

When you need to choose a partner for your Magento E-Commerce site it’s vital to choose a company that has both skills and experience. Our Magento team has been developing Magento sites since 1998 and has gathered a vast amount of expertise and knowledge. Visit our portfolio page for more information on the Magento projects we have been involved with.

Magento Solutions

When you choose Magento Professionals as your trusted Magento partner you will have access to all the resources we have to offer. From the Magento consultant to start with then the Magento developer to the Magento support staff our team is dedicated to help you get your site up and running. We will be with you every step of the way from the initial analysis, thorough the development stage and then after the site is live we will be giving you Magento support services when you need.

Magento Partner

Whether you need an e-commerce solution designed from scratch, customization and setup advice, an upgrade to your existing Magento install, Magento support services our Magento team is on stand by and ready to give you our Magento skills and expertise.


For more information on all our Magento services call us on +61 02 8208 7030 or drop us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


About Us

Equipped with a highly qualified and experience team of Magento Commerce development engineers, we at Magento Professionals are geared to understanding the customer’s complex business requirements and will ensure satisfaction of offering quality ecommerce or shopping cart software solutions.

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